Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Christmas Pickle Tradition

The Curious Tradition of Hanging a Christmas Pickle Ornament on Trees article by Jake Rossen in MENTAL FLOSS from simplemost.

If you want to make your own Safe, Quick, Simple + Natural pickles for your family and friends, use the Quick Pickle Kit or Spice Packets from one of our retailers.

This year, the holidays are a “Big Dill” for - we received the 2019 US Small Business Administration (SBA) Award for supporting nonprofits, reducing food waste and providing jobs for disabled adults.

This Quick Pickle Kit includes what you need for your DIY pickling project. Each Quick Pickle Kit contains a 2-Liter/.5 gal reusable sealing European glass jar, reusable gasket, 44-page Quick Pickle Kit Cookbook/Instructional Book and Pickling Spices for your first batch of homemade pickles.

Pickle any vegetable in a fraction of the time + with minimal effort - Quick Pickle Kit and Spice Packets

The Quick Pickle Kit is the perfect all occasion gift - holiday, wedding, birthday, housewarming, anniversary, etc.

The Quick Pickle Kit is a Thoughtful Gift for dieters, athletes, gardeners, snackers, cooks, DIYers, vegetarians, vegans + family.

Spice Packets - can be used as refills for the Quick Pickle Kit or with your own jars + process.

Use Quick Pickle Kit pickles - sandwiches, appetizers, garnish + salads

Use Quick Pickle Kit pickle juice as sport drink, marinade, dressing + in cocktails or mocktails

The Quick Pickle Kit is pickling perfection - NO preservatives or unhealthy chemicals

Safe, Quick, Simple, Natural way to make pickles that are ready to enjoy in just a few days

Quick Pickle Kit pickles are a healthy, low-sodium, low-calorie, crunchy + satiating snack

Safety - One of the most important reasons to use our Quick Pickle Kit: Safe, Quick, Simple, Natural pickles that are ready to enjoy in just a few days.

Reduce food waste by using the Quick Pickle Kit and Spice Packets. offers innovative products + is a woman-owned business who believes in giving back. More info: If you like who we are as a company and would like to collaborate, CONTACT US.

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Thank you to our Quick Pickle Kit fans for your support - we are grateful!

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