The Quick Pickle Kit was created by Connoisseur Creations, Inc.  After launching their company and introducing several of their products in the late 1990’s, they added an international food brokerage and development division that has successfully pioneered over 1000 products from 20 different countries into distribution.  Their team initiated private label programs for retailers, developed and procured new products in order to meet customers’ needs.  They specialized in Gourmet/Specialty, Ethnic, Natural, Vegan, Organic, Kosher, Allergen Free, Dietetic and Conventional food products. 

Today, Connoisseur Creations, Inc. focuses on all facets of product, service and business development.  Given the breadth and depth of their team’s experience, they are the silent collaborators behind several food and non-food companies.  They thrive on developing creative food and non-food products.  Solving problems or making life easier and more enjoyable for others is very rewarding for them.  At any time, they have 5-10 innovative market-ready products that are available for private label launch or to be licensed by another company. 

Quick Pickle Kit  Do you miss the home canned pickles you had when you were growing up?  Now, you don't have to.  The Quick Pickle Kit yields fresh pickled vegetables in just 3 days.  This innovative process doesn't take months of sitting on a shelf in the cellar to make great pickles.

Pickling becomes Simple and fun with the easy-to-follow booklet.  Use recipes that have remained family favorites for generations.

Natural goodness is captured by the Quick Pickle Process.  Have fun and be creative with a variety of fresh vegetables and seasonings.

With the Quick Pickle Kit  you can have great tasting homemade pickles with a minimum of time and effort. 

Spice Packets  Recipes that have been in the family for generations. Can be used as refills for the Quick Pickle Kit or with your own canning method.

Spice Packets available in 3 different flavors:  
  • Bread and Butter
  • Dill
  • Sweet

Each packet includes:

  • 3 convenient blended seasoning packets - each packet makes 2 liters (approx. 1/2 gal)
  • Recipes and recommendations on back of label 

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Spice Packet (includes 3 refills)